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304 stainless steel hand-held electric milk frother egg beater automatic paint mixer electric milk powder

$0.00 USD $42.36 USD
Black third gear with hook
white third gear with hook
pink third gear with hook
silver third gear with hook
stainless steel 2108 second gear with hook

Place of Origin:China
Product launch time:2022
Import or not:no
Article number:MFB1501D
Processing customization:yes
Printed logo:sure
Is there a patent:nothing
Main downstream platforms:EBay, Amazon, wish, express, independent station, lazada
Main sales area:Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Is there a special supply source for cross-border export:yes
colour:black three-speed belt Hook, white third gear with hook, pink third gear with hook, silver third gear with hook, stainless steel 2108 second gear with hook
style: Modern simplicity
Is it electric: no