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Order Issues

We try very hard to make sure your order is correct and arrives to you safely and quickly. However, we realize that these mistakes can happen on our end while processing your order.    

While we certainly understand this is not convenient to you, the quickest way to return or exchange the incorrect items you received is by contacting us immediately. Our Hassle-Free Return Policy makes it easy to correct your order, or get the money back for your order. 

Received Incorrect Item

Did you order a pair of blue shoes and receive a red pair? These mistakes can happen from time to time and we would like to know about them so we can help ensure they don’t happen again. Please contact us at so that our team can correct your issue. 

Missing Items from Order  

If you have missing items from your order, please contact us at to talk to someone that can help look into this issue with you and help get this resolved ASAP. 

Extra Items

If your order contains extra items or you received someone else’s order, please contact us at with any information you have for the items you received.