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Cancel, Modify Order

We are unable to modify or change an order once it has been placed on Instead, you would need to cancel the order and replace it with the correct items and information. 

Once an order is placed on, there is only a very small window of time when we are able to cancel an order. Typically an order can only be canceled within approximately 15 minutes from the time it was placed. 

Note: The 15-minute grace period does not apply to Same Day Delivery or Free Drive Up orders. 

If there is an issue with the order such as errors to the shipping address, incorrect item quantity or the order was placed without a promo code or discount, we may be able to help. Please contact a Customer Service representative so we can help.  

How to Cancel Your Order

Step 1: Contact us at, or use our contact form.

Step 2: Once our Customer Service representative has verified the order to be canceled, you should receive an email that your order has been successfully canceled.

Step 3: When viewing your recent orders, the status should now say “Canceled”.